It is unnecessary to combine two real-time security solutions together. Doing so will needlessly over-consume system resources - plus - not protect your system significantly better.

On-demand, free Malwarebytes is sufficient.


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That would he a resounding NOOOooooo :)
Seriously though, BD is a resource hog in and of itself, I used it for 3yrs straight, and as a gamer I am glad I moved on.
It's great protection dont get me wrong but in my search for the best protection with minimal impact, BD could not be part of that equasion .. PeAcE


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If you wanna a second opinion scanner, then I can suggest you to get those portable version. E.g. Zemana Free, Emsisoft Emergency Kit, Norton Power Eraser, etc. Those can be installed and use on-demand even from thumbdrive.

Bitdefender by itself is a very complete security solution but at a cost of high resource usage. If you were to add-on another real-time secondary scanner, I'm afraid it'll have a significant impact on your system performance.


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Well, I tested bitdefender for some time in the past, and I noticed that his protection against PUPs and adware is not one of the best. Bitdefender + malwarebytes means a really Good protection against malware provided by BD signatures, active threat control and anti-ransomware and a Good one against adware. This is one of My favorite security combos which I would recommend, although I don't know which would be the impact on the system in terms of slowdown. It's up to you if using the Premium or Free version, but I have a little recommendation for you: let Bitdefender HIPS on permissive (deault settings), because if you turn them up on normal or aggressive, they will conflict with malwarebytes (If you are installing it with HIPS on normal or aggressive mode, the installation process will be killed. Someone also wasn't able to update malwarebytes signatures with HIPS on normal or aggressive) and also cause problems to lots of other programs
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