Bitwarden - Expanded 2FA with FIDO2 and broader biometrics add security and usability options


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Apr 24, 2016
This latest release continues the Bitwarden mission of making password management easy and accessible for individuals and businesses. New features, such as FIDO2 WebAuthn Support for Browser Extensions and Biometrics for Safari, provide more flexibility for users to be productive on the devices and browsers they prefer. Bitwarden Send also includes enhancements based on community feedback and cybersecurity needs.

More details of what’s included in the release are outlined in the release notes.
  • FIDO2 WebAuthn for Browser Extensions
  • Biometrics for Safari
  • Expanded Privacy and Security with Bitwarden Send
  • Optimized Language Support
These updates are currently being rolled out across Bitwarden clients.
Read more on Bitwarden's blog post:
Release Notes: