Bitwarden Send is now available; Premium users get 1GB and Files


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Jan 8, 2011
Homepage: Bitwarden Open Source Password Manager
About Send: About Send | Bitwarden Help & Support

Bitwarden Send is a secure and ephemeral way to transmit sensitive information to anyone. Sends can include plaintext or file attachments up to 100 MB. Every Send is assigned a randomly generated and secure link, which can be shared with anyone (including those who do not have Bitwarden accounts) via text, email, or whatever communication channel you prefer. Every Send is:
  • End-to-end Encrypted
  • Dynamically Ephemeral
  • Customizably Private

Bitwarden Send is a secure text and file sharing feature that is available in all Bitwarden clients, the web vault, browser extensions and the command line interface.

The feature is available for all users, but some functionality is reserved to users with premium subscriptions only.
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Apr 24, 2016
Bitwarden is proud to announce the release of Bitwarden Send, and end-to-end encrypted solution for ephemeral sharing. This release includes:
  • Bitwarden Send: Bitwarden Send is end-to-end encrypted solution for ephemeral sharing. There’s lot of material about Send on our website and Help Center, but you can start here or here.
  • FIDO U2F Support for Edge: Two-step Login via FIDO U2F is now available for the Web Vault and Browser Extensions in Microsoft Edge (see here for details).
  • Domain Exclusion in Browser Extensions: Bitwarden Browser Extensions can now be configured with domains to explicitly not offer to remember passwords for (see here for details).
  • Improved Import Error Messages: We’ve had lots of folks migrating to Bitwarden recently, so we cleaned up an import error message to help you reconcile issues faster (see here for details).
  • Safari Web Extension Port: Our Safari App Extension has officially been ported to a Web Extension for use with Safari 14+. Due to changes to Safari, Web Extension use is now limited to only those obtained through Mac App Store downloads (see here for details).
Released are:
Browser Extension v1.49.0:

Desktop v1.25.0:
Mobile v2.9.0:

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