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OK using the recovery partition now

Thus far though it seems like it is doing "Configuring system" on an infinite loop.

I found this though

It is very normal for both Vista and 7 to do that.

Every single month since Spring of 2007, one or two major updates and upgrades are downloaded + installed with your consensus to do so, everytime it happens. And, on these dates you will have to do a system restart.

So, just before you can sign-in with your profile's configuration and password, you will see the message that windows is upgrading its own configuration and, showing you the percentage of progress from doing just that. Then, the welcome screen shows up and then, your avatar and the request for you to enter your password.

Therefore, a new machine needs to skip a lot of these gradual updates/upgrades by installing the Service Packs first, in the case of a fresh install of Vista(6.0). For Win.7 and, for the newest buyers of PCs with their preloaded O.S., right now, have only the last 6 months of major updates/upgrades to put it to current stable use of it all. As of this mid-Spring of this year, the newest buyers of PCs will have, only, to download the Service Pack 1 for Win. 7(6.1.7600)+ install it, one reboot and only one reconfiguration of their machine. Who knows, maybe, it will bring this renewed O.S. to version 6.2.????. It is, somewhat planned, for Win. 8 to be version 6.3.xxxx or, up to version 6.5.xxxx at official retail release(possible burnt onto the newest PCs' HDD upon availability to any stores near you).

Happy upgrading, updating and, reconfiguring. For the next 2 months, at least.

However, this machine is not connected to any network at this point.

Also found this on the same thread:

I did get my Toshiba laptop running yesterday by stopping the long (6hrs+) Configuring screen by doing a restart, F8 to enter SAFE MODE with CMD prompt. I changed to the C: root directory (cd .. & cd ..) and typed in CHKDSK to test the Hard Drive. It found some errors and it recommended to run CHKDSK again with /F to fix the errors (CHKDSK /F). Did a restart to do the fix and waited for the Configure process then forced a restart. I again did another restart and rechecked the HD (CHKDSK) and found no errors this time. Reran another complete restore (holding the "0" button and power keys), chose restore to factory out of box power. Everything loaded and Configure System was much shorter and I have a working laptop again. Seems the HD was corrupted and fixing the errors in this case solved the problem. I made sure to create a Windows 7 repair disk from the control panel plus the entire IMAGE using DVD disks to hopefully avoid this process if this happens again. Since there were no bad sectors detected on the HD and itis fully functional, I am very happy. How long will it last? What is causing the problem? I can't wait to find out! Toshiba is sending me a free shipping box to have it repaired again in a couple of days (even though out of warranty by 7 days) since it has been repaired twice in the last 4 months. Now I mus decide whether to send it in now that it is working.

How long should I give Configuring System to complete?

Should I do as the second quote instructed?
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