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After the public release of the ZeuS source code a couple of weeks ago, another expensive piece of crimeware, the BlackHole exploit kit, is now available for free.

The package was uploaded to free file sharing sites and the download link was posted on a website called The Hacker News.

The BlackHole exploit kit is relatively new, first appearing in September 2010, and is commonly used in drive-by download attacks at this moment.

A one-year BlackHole license costs around $1,500, a semi-annual one $1,000 and a quarterly one, $700. Another option is to rent it for 24 hours ($50), one week ($200), two weeks ($300), three weeks ($400) or four weeks ($500).

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Nice, I would have used it but I have to actually go ahead and manually get the malware and I cannot be bothered. But I will favourite this post in case I want to try it again!