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Bluetooth doesn't work
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Re-install windows, driver updates, registry edits, create new user


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I bought this computer about a year and a half ago. Specs are as follows

Asus M51BC

Windows 8 (upgraded to 8.1)


AMD FX 8300 processor

GTX 650 (upgraded to GTX 760)

1 TB HDD (added 128 GB SSD and 256 SSD)

I upgraded to Windows 8.1 as soon as I turned it on so I didn't get a chance to see if bluetooth was working with Windows 8. I tried to pair my phone but it didn't work. I looked all over the internet but nothing worked. One thing I did notice was that Windows 8.1 had quite a few problems with bluetooth. So after a week of trying to get it to work I gave up. Just got a Razor Orochi which is a bluetooth mouse so I started looking around for answers again. Tried MANY new things but still no answers so I went and bought a StarTech USB to Bluetooth version 4.0 adapter - 10m class 2. Broadcom makes this and tried theirs and StarTech's drivers. Both don't make a difference even after uninstalling/re-installing, and disabling/enabling. I've also tried creating a different user, re-installing from the recovery drive and a clean install, and way too many other things to list here. If anybody has any advice or tips other than "did you try un plugging it?" I'd be really grateful!!!!



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Hey thanks for the reply but I ended up solving it. Ya I had razor synapse installed and there was fully charged batteries in the mouse. I did yet another clean install but this time I completely deleted the system (efi) recovery partition. I had deleted the factory reset partitions when I switched to the ssd but was nervous about deleting that one. That's the only new thing that I hadn't tried on my many attempts to get Bluetooth to work. Hope this helps someone because in all of my research I never came across an answer that worked for me