New Update Brave adds Vertical Tabs in their Browser v1.52


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Jan 8, 2011
Brave’s vertical tabs feature is now available for users to experience a new way to manage open tabs. With today’s 1.52 desktop release, the vertical tabs setting is available to Brave users on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The advantages of vertical tabs​

Vertical tabs help to eliminate overcrowding your browser window, and to increase your on-screen real estate.
  • Identify open tabs more easily
    • The more horizontal tabs you have open, the smaller and more squished they become—often to the point of not being able to read any text on the tab. Vertical tabs, however, provide much-needed breathing room, allowing for more information to be displayed at a glance, so you can find the tab you’re looking for faster.
  • Use on-screen space more efficiently
    • Computer screens are almost always wider than they are tall, meaning you have more screen real estate left-to-right than you do top-to-bottom. By relocating tabs from the top of your window to the side, you maximize your available on-screen space.

Early feedback shows users love vertical tabs​

While you may experience a short adjustment period as you become accustomed to vertical tabs, most users love the experience and don’t plan on going back.

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