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Notice: BraveDNS is part of Mozilla Builders MVP program.

- bravedns - A fast, secure, configurable, private DNS + Firewall for Android.
GitHub - celzero/brave-android-app

An OpenSnitch-inspired firewall and network monitor + a pi-hole-inspired DNS over HTTPS client with blocklists. The BraveDNS app is free and open source and will remain so. BraveDNS' cloud services as our content-blocking DNS service, however, will have both a free and a paid tier.

Download - BraveDNS: Fast, private, and safe DNS + Firewall - Apps on Google Play

Features - visit links above for details (recommended)
  • App Firewall - Prevent apps from connecting to the Internet.
  • Content Blocking - Block ads, trackers, malware and more.
  • Anti-Censorship - Circumvent the most common way the Internet is censored.
  • Monitoring - Keep tabs on incoming and outgoing Internet traffic.

Coming soon
  • App Manager - Apps misuse permissions to spy: Location is tracked by ride-sharing apps even when not-in-use, for example. Use our app to auto-revoke such permissions.
  • Cloud Browser - Tracking users online is the status-quo. With a web browser that runs in the cloud, claw back your anonymity, especially when browsing random webpages.
  • VPN - State-of-the-art VPN technology to deliver unhinged, uncensorsed access to fast and safe internet to everyone everywhere, with configurable blocklists and more.

What BraveDNS is not:
  1. It is not an anonymity tool
  2. It doesn't aim to be a feature-rich traditional firewall
  3. It is not an anti-virus