What is the best browser in terms of securability-resource usage-performance?

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Got the new update for Avast Secure Browser. Seems very good, so I am hoping to find out if anyone is using it as default. If so how has the experience been?

It feels to me so far like they nailed the video rendering, and the browser is super light, responsive and fast for me. Only tiny problem is that ASB doesn't support 3rd party extensions unless downloaded directly from Google store. I mean this is not a problem honestly, and I can see why they want control of the browser in that way. This version of ASB seems so granularly optimized to me that I have put it at the top of my list of browsers for now in terms of overall usability (securability-resource management-performance). Here are my top 5 starting with the best that I have worked with over the last few months:

  1. Avast Secure Browser-Excellent memory management and run-time stability all with preinstalled avast extensions. Smoothest video I have seen...seems very strong. Really simple browser and basic, but I like the idea of using this for all purposes. Not sure if this is practical yet
  2. Google Chrome-Still good or better in every way and with all the Google online tools and functions it works very well. Some slight RAM concerns but very stable still and dev team is huge for exploit control
  3. Vivaldi-takes a slight hit on securability compared to the much larger GC dev factory. Features are great and manages system resources maybe better than Chrome. Vivaldi is REALLY good and worth a look for anyone who hasn't looked in the last 6 months or so
  4. Slimjet Browser-Reminds me of ASB in terms of run time and stability, but not sure what is behind the browser from the privacy standpoint or in terms of updates. I like this browser though for its simplicity
  5. Opera-Better than Firefox for me but securability is questionable with Opera with privacy being the chief concern

Haven't tried Yandex to date. I imagine it could be good, but there are questions I haven't answered yet about the dev team and so on. I like the stated emphasis on secure browsing I have read about the browser. Brave browser sounds good to me.

Browsers I did not like last time I used them include Comodo Dragon, Sleipnir, Maxthon. Firefox chewed through 4 GB of RAM in 15 minutes on a core 2 duo PC the other day, and the same on a core 2 quad with 4 GB. I don't want to have to use Firemin to control the browser, so I have had to remove it for now, and I didn't have it on any other systems.

By the way and interesting note to me at least, Avast Secure Browser runs on XP and like lightning so far here. Other best for this if required is Slimjet or an older version of Chrome. I suppose Comodo Dragon would probably run on XP and at least it's still in development.