How have you configured your Browser to manage Downloads from the Internet?

  • Everything is allowed to download

    Votes: 8 27.6%
  • Ask to download - Prompt to save or run file

    Votes: 21 72.4%
  • Browser rejects all downloads - Auto-deny

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Browser rejects http downloads - only insecure domains

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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My life is already complicated, so everything is allowed. Of course only via https, http downloads have to be allowed in the firewall. I download to the moved desktop, hidden and system files are shown, so I should notice, if something appears there. I use a shortcut to cleanup desktop.
rem takeown /s %computername% /u %username% /f "%SystemDrive%\Users\Public\Desktop" /r /d y
rem icacls "%SystemDrive%\Users\Public\Desktop" /grant:r %username%:(OI)(CI)F /t /l /q /c
rem takeown /s %computername% /u %username% /f "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop" /r /d y
rem icacls "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop" /grant:r %username%:(OI)(CI)F /t /l /q /c

del "%SystemDrive%\Users\Public\Desktop\*" /s /f /q
del "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop\*" /s /f /q
rd "Z:\Desktop" /s /q
md "Z:\Desktop"


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I ask to download but love my old firefox Download Manager (S3) extension I have used for a long time. Have it configured just the way I like it and will auto open the download directory for me when done. WIth pretty colors and percentage and speed details and even a voice saying "download complete" :D


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I always ask to save always and never run from location. Look how I have S3 Downloader configured to show me info as it downloads AND then it will auto open the download directory for me when done with a "download complete" sound file stating so! :cool: (Bottom left corner)