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So i used avast free for a long time , had issues before that with bitdefender also kaspersky.

Avast sadly blocks ( On multiple pcs ) even with exclusions the origin overlay only a uninstall fixed it.

Sadly avira spams with ads in the free version .

So Bullguard and Mcafee can be found for 5 devices really cheap ( sub 10 even the biggest editions ) which is better specially Lightweight ?
its for pcs so i need extremely lightweight solutions
Webroot sadly slows surfing extremely down and is expensive and panda got atm really not a great protection.

Which one should i choose ? or do you know any other cheap solutions ?


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I used Bullguard IS. It was light on my system, without any ads or pop ups. The Web protection is good, the behavior blocker seems to sleep in most cases , so the static protection depends on the bitdefender signatures. But I would prefer Bullguard...McAfee has a terrible GUI and has seen better days.


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You should visit for deals. McAfee has improved very much. It is not so heavy as it was in past but not consistent in protection.Never tried Bullguard. If you have low RAM you can also try F-Secure. It was light on my system. But best way to find lightest solution is install them on your PC and test them as all give 30 days trial.Norton is also a good one.(on please first read their policy)
Good luck.
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Pat MacKnife

Level 10
My vote goes to McAfee with improved detection and performance (tested a few weeks back Endpoint protection and internet security) , it feels very nice on computer.... Bullguard i tried one time and it was so heavy it slowed down every program on my system.
For now i stay with free AV