Troubleshoot Can I get hacked instantly by a link

Infected operating system
Android 7
Infected device
Lenovo k6 note
Infected device issues
1-Random 5 minutes of device heating up for no reason
It happens in these 3 scenarios
-after booting up the phone (restart/power off then power on)
-having the wifi off for a long time then turning it on
-when the phone is 30%-1% it will happen in a random time between the 30% remaining

2-system update app running for no reason

3-sometimes I open my phone to see that a random app has been opened (but I will only see the device screen requesting to unlock the app because I have all my apps locked)
Steps taken to remove the infection
Scanned with

Checked manually for any uninstallable apps disguised as (system)apps and suspicious (user) apps that I am not familiar with and checked administrator apps
And found nothing in all cases


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Sep 22, 2021
A few months back I opened a malicious link
The majority of the scan results on virustotal were "phishing" and 3-4 were "malware"
I heard many things about this link (back when it was spreading around my entire country through bots made to target people in my country)
-it instantly hacks your phone
-your device will be secretly hacked and it will move on to hack the other devices on your same WiFi
-the link uses a stealthy malware that no matter what you do you would never know it is there and won't be able to remove it (and this point was what made me paranoid about me possibly being hacked and not aware of it)
And many other similar stuff

As of now I can't find any malware at all
But I have many questions on my mind
-could I have been registered to a C&C server? And how do I disconnect myself from it?
-could I have been hacked directly from the website without it downloading any type of malware

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