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Hello! I am new here :D so a week ago, chrome and mozilla was installed to my pc (not by me). Chrome was in a folder called "Gotoe" and had ourstartpage (the virus/malware) i think. So i installed AVG antivirus (i had windows defender before) and HitmanPro. Then i cleaned my pc. After that, i downloaded Malwarebytes for additional safety. Everything was perfectly fine but couple of days later, my ping in CS:GO was really high but i didnt worry about it. Then, i couldnt connect to Teamspeak 3, Steam, Origin, etc. I tried ipocnfig /renew but it said "No operation can be performed on Ethernet while it has its media disconnected." After that, i tried ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew. With renew it said the same as before. So i uninstalled malwarebytes and installed adwcleaner. I cleaned my pc with adwcleaner and restarted my pc and here i am.
P.S - My browser is working fine (i have opera)


Usually you have to reboot the router when the TCP/IP stack is saturated. This happens because of tons of sequential connections. If I have well understood, presumably, a malware infection may have saturated the stack because of many requests and you've solved by restarting the router and resetting the stack.