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Good Morning! Earth!

I will be using Kaspersky Internet Security 2012. Because, I feel that it has the best overall clean-up, if I get infected with a peace of Malware. This is in my opinion! Additionally, it pretty good at Root-kit detection.


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Hello, everyone!

On my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Bits, Operating System

I installed Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 just to make sure! That, I was not jumping the gun.
But, first, I uninstall everything Security related software. No, problem installing B.I.S. 2012 this time!
Only when you restarted the laptop B.I.S. 2012 would take 5 min's to 15 min's to boot
up completely.

The End with BitDefender Internet Security 2012.


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15 minutes is not so good to boot up, its like they need to fix that issue or even before when it was in beta stage.

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BDIS resources hog ? no no... it does a deep boot scan ! :D


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Hello, Everyone!

I am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and Norton Internet Security 2011. And staying away from BitDefender Internet Security 2012, period.
Could you let me know when the Norton Internet Security 2012 is release?
Many many thanks,