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Sep 2, 2021
Hello and welcome to the CatchPulse test!
CatchPulse is the new anti-malware from SecureAge, formerly known as SecureAPlus.
The software stands out from other competitors: It has a Cloud that brings together 10 antivirus engines and its AI named APEX.
This is the paid version of the software.
I selected "Interactive" so that we have the detection alerts.

Note: If CatchPulse recognizes or recommends me to block, I block. However, if CatchPulse doesn't know what to do and proposes to block, I allow it once to see if it knows how to catch a human error that can be made by a novice user.

Interface: 9/10

The interface of CatchPulse is simple, but not very suitable for novices because it can be customized at will. However, it offers an Automatic mode that allows the anti-malware to process automatically. I prefer it to alert me so I won't use this mode.

Protection: 6/10 Web Protection / Blocks all droppers executed by the fake crack / Remains 30 threats on 190 malware

Web protection is average. CatchPulse does not offer web filtering, it blocks downloaded files. However, the information it gives is not always clear. If it detects a threat, it proposes the quarantine. There OK. When it does not know but recommends blocking, we block OK. But when it doesn't know at all, the user is left to his own devices and CatchPulse won't catch up with the actions (seen with a malware that installed a big infection on the system)

On the package, CatchPulse is relatively slow because it sends ALL files to its servers. There are 30 threats left out of a total of 190.
Same observation as before, CatchPulse blocks but lacks information and does not always manage to catch up. The machine is infected + BSOD before !

Result :
CatchPulse : 0
NPE: 11
KVRT : 13 - infection in memory !
EEK : 4

Recommand : No
System Clean : No system infected

@military request


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Aug 13, 2012
Thank you so much for the test!
For all my love of SecureAge. I cannot recommend this product to myself.
In addition to the test result, it is worth noting that CatchPulse may offer to block a trusted program (try running the Basilisk browser). It turns out that it is not worth setting to automatically block, you need to be aware of what it may block.
CloudAV. I have been waiting for five days for these two files to be detected. They were sent during the first scan. No detection. The wrong engines on VT detect? Maybe, I don't know what engines he uses. But then where is Apex?
I like the idea of whitelisting and I like the idea of Cloud AV. (Does anyone remember testing CloudAV in Comodo's KillSwitch, with the hope of an option appearing in the main antivirus? 2010-2012, roughly)
But I don't like the final implementation. I've been in anticipation of great work for several years now, but I keep waiting...


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Mar 30, 2022
CatchPulse should be viewed primarily as a whitelist program in my opinion. Cloud AV and Apex are not full-fledged AV programs. In the old SecureAPlus version, you could still see the AV programs available in the cloud. There were only a few good AV programs. Cloud AV and Apex should only be seen as an aid to the user in deciding whether an unknown file that suddenly appeared should be considered malware or harmless. Incidentally, registration of CatchPulse as an AV program can be turned off, allowing CatchPulse to run alongside Windows Defender or another third-party AV program. In this combination, CatchPulse could be useful.
From the CatchPulse website:

Your antivirus needs help​

CatchPulse catches threats that traditional anti-virus solutions miss. No single anti-virus or even combination of anti-viruses can guarantee 100% detection, 100% of the time.
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Dave Russo

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May 26, 2014
I have had a recent bad experience with CatchPlus .Server for some reason reverted pro version to free, then would not accept reinstall, Sent 3 e-mails asking for money back (Never gonna try catchPlus again ever) Voodoshield is my choice for whitelisting, after seeing CatchPlus get Product of the year(I had to try it)Wish I remembered the saying if its not broke don't fix it, their customer service gets a zero from me
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Mar 30, 2022
I`ll stick with SecureAPlus as CatchPulse seems buggy and maybe too dumbed down settings wise.

Regards Eck:)
Support for SecureAPlus will end in Q3 2023.

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