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Sep 2, 2021
Hello and welcome to the CatchPulse test!

CatchPulse is the new anti-malware from Secureage, editor of Secureaplus.
It uses its AI Machine Learning engine + a Cloud network (Universal AV) containing 10 antivirus engines.
The interface is very simple, but covered with bugs, because it is very slow...
Detection level... I have the impression to have mostly an unfinished product!
The sendings in Universal AV do not work... impossible to have a verdict of the engines. APEX never reacted even though it was up to date and activated!

The machine is thus compromised by various Trojan, I admit that I am very disappointed...
Not recommended for the moment, or opt for Secureaplus which is much more powerful, and without bug...

/!\ Note : The settings were default, however I enabled Universal AV and APEX as resident protection. This was not enabled by default strangely enough.
We followed the recommendations of Catchpulse (Allow, Block etc).

At one point, I had to taskkill a malware (A Coinminer) because it was becoming very difficult to run the virtual machine (using 3GB of RAM for the malware and the CPU at 99%)

Watch my review on Odysee !

RAM Usage : Low but a rather high CPU consumption
Malware URL test : 6,5/10 (1 partielly blocked, 3 missed)
Fake crack : 1/1 (detected)
Malware Pack : Remaining 36 files to 349.
The analysis is very long! (40 minutes)
CatchPulse alerts because he does not know, we follow his recommendations. The anti-malware engine detected worms that were not deleted by the analysis.
The system is still infected because malware is present and Magniber Ransomware encrypts the machine...
A malware has even caused a BSOD!

Resistance to script attacks: Average

Result :
MBAM : 22
NPE : 6
KVT : 2
ESET : 6 (9 but 3 false positive)

Recommand : No
System Clean : No, system infected


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Jul 29, 2013
I'm not surprised. The lite version is terrible. The Essentials and Pro version would do better on testing, but they also ruined this software with a slow UI, removing the ability to see and toggle the engines UAV uses and still using the same outdated engines in UAV from before.