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Last month we had CCleaner primed and ready for the release of Windows 10. This month we've been continuing to improve our compatibility with this new generation of Windows to ensure CCleaner's cleaning definitions are fully up to speed.

In this release we've optimized the build architecture for 64-bit Windows 10 and improved cleaning of the new Edge browser as well as the Windows 10 Registry.

Additionally we’ve been running extensive tests on the user interface, to make it faster and more usable. The first batch of changes are in this release, which sees the welcome return of the standard Windows application border!

Change log:
  • Improved Microsoft Edge cleaning
  • Faster UI and styling improvements
  • Improved Windows 10 Registry detection and cleaning
  • Improved Internet Explorer 11 DOMStore cleaning
  • Optimized 64-bit build architecture for Windows 10
  • Improved Paint.NET and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware cleaning
  • Improved localization and language support
  • Minor bug fixes
Piriform News - CCleaner v5.09


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Thanks for the latest updates on many programs Petrovic..., since I'm on MT usually everyday, it comes in handy to spot these. :)
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