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Dec 4, 2014
Unless you are having issues with a specific device, or there are some devices with missing drivers in Device Manager, there's often little need to keep drivers updated. While the driver updater in CCleaner works quite well, in my opinion, it's not worth paying for.

If you really feel the need to update drivers, DriverHub works very well, even if you just use the free version, because it has a larger database of drivers than most other driver update tools. However, it needs to be used with care. Before installing driver updates, you need to click the button to switch to Advanced Mode. After doing that, you will see that it wants to install the browser Opera, alongside the driver updates. You need to click on the checkbox next to Opera, to uncheck it, so that it isn't installed. I usually wouldn't recommend software which has such behaviour, but I feel the DriverHub is one of the best driver updaters, due it's very large database of drivers.