An objective comparison: Which performs bettter?

  • CCleaner

    Votes: 19 35.2%
  • Wise Disk Cleaner

    Votes: 35 64.8%
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Why do you have 1,3 TB free space unallocated?
It is short-stroking, it improves HDD's speed by 30% & lowers an access time (14ms to 9ms on mine). Not really used, since everyone else has SSD. :oops:
I do not need 1TB, but you can not buy 100GB anymore and 1TB costs the same like 500GB (still cheaper than SSD), so I just took an advantage of it.
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Hands-down Wise Disk Cleaner is able to discover more junk files than vanilla CCleaner. Period. You will be using the Common Cleaner tab the most. Whereas Advanced Cleaner and Slimming System much less, or never.

Translation in English language has a few errors.

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Interesting that at this point in time Norton is telling people:

Next steps required to achieve good System health:
Clean registry
Compact registry
ccleaner+ccenhancer + wise disk cleaner are the best free combo in the world which support automatic/scheduled cleanup. I schedule them to run every week on Sunday

ccleaner+ccenhancer is the best application-specific cleaner (AVs, pdf readers, browsers, tools...)
wise is the strong general, windows cleaner
Can you do CCEnhancer with the portable version of CCleaner?


That moment when illumination reminds you, that keeping your system lean and light benefits in performance as well as security, use no more then you actually need, and is quite easy to keep cleaned up and performing.

My 2TB HHD partitioned... Maintenance done via built in Windows Disk Cleaner and Defrag done via CMD.

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Some of you have tried with norton utilities?, I understand that they bought the rights to PCtools and now they only develop their program Registry Mechanic specially for Norton
I don't recommend using either Registry Mechanic or NU these days, due to false positives in the registry cleaner.
In Australia, Symantec has been advertising a new 2018 version of NU. However, NU has not been updated since the start of last year and Symantec support, confirmed that there is no new version.

I remember the days when people would place ads on rentacoder, looking for someone to code them a clone of Registry Mechanic. The result would be a poorly coded registry cleaner, which had a similar look to Registry Mechanic, but a completely different scan engine.


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If those choice is between those two, I choose Wise, especially the portable.

I like Privacy Eraser and PriviZer the best. I run Privacy Eraser automatically, nightly on all machines, and every 1-2 weeks, run a super deep PrivaZer cleanup. So far that combo has been working well for me.


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Recently I know this software and use it. It became uneasy because it detects quite a lot of garbage, but as of now there is no fault.
It's very misleading, as the amount of junk found is shown in bytes, not megabytes. This makes it seem that it has found a lot more junk that it really has. You need to divide the amount shown by 1,000 to get the amount of junk in megabytes. I posted about it a few months ago.
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