List of apps to compare
Glary Utilities
Wise Disk Cleaner
What I am most interested about
Graphical User Interface
Exclusive Features & Functionality
Why I want to compare these apps
I dont know which one is the best


Level 25
Content Creator
I guess you meant vs Glary Disk Cleaner. Wise finds a little more. Glary Utilities Free vs WiseCare Free, Glary has some nice options, but not much.

What I do not like, that Glary realizes, that it somewhat stuck and tries this (a typical big letters vs small letters advertisment).
It says, that the scanning speed is faster, but it is obviously meant to mislead the user into thinking, that it will make the computer 800% faster.


Level 30
Both are good. I have both, you could use both for various activities. I use WDC everyday, then Glary Utilties to get rid of other various things like duplicate files. They both have theirn uses.



Level 18
Content Creator
Wise... hands down. I use the portable. Only wish it could remember my tickbox selections.