carl fish

Level 3
In future versions of Kaspersky internet security/total security I would like to see changes made to way kaspersky handles appcations as I have set my KIS set to block untrusted applications and I also have the trust digital Signatures turned off for extra protection as sometimes digital Signatures can be fake or affected by malware etc currently when these options are active kaspersky will quite offen block trusted applications/installers and it can be quite annoying as the only way to allow a trusted installer/applications with these options active is to toggle the trust digital Signatures setting on and off or change the appcation control settings and if kaspersky has alreadly blocked the installer/application from running you have to open up the main user interface click on more tools then appcation control then you have scroll down the list until you come to the untrusted area then you have to select on the app you want to trust and move to the trusted area by hand. so I would like to see a way for Kaspersky to be able to identify the difference between a good installer/ application or a bad one without having to change the settings all the time. for example, KIS could use the cloud a bit more as well as the Kaspersky security network to determine if the installer or app being run is safe to run or not and maybe this would also improve the detection rates for unknown files as well help those users who like some of the more advanced options enabled without having to these features on and off all the time.
tell me what you think of this idea?