Chrome OS 91 - Android 11 and Linux come to Chromebooks


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Jan 8, 2011

  • Google today finally announced Linux on Chromebook's exit from beta status.
  • This change will happen on the next release of Chrome OS.
  • Google also confirmed that Android 11 was coming to Chromebooks with Chrome OS 90, bringing improved Android app support.
Google today at I/O announced that Linux on Chromebooks would finally be coming out of beta with the release of Chrome OS 91.

The company had added new features at a steady cadence, enabling things like GPU acceleration, better support for USB drives, and so on so people could be more productive while using Linux apps.

Alongside Linux, Google also announced that it would be bringing Android 11 to Chromebooks. Technically, the update has already started with Chrome OS 90 for select Chromebooks, and it'll come with a host of new features including increased optimization of Android apps and a new dark theme. Google's increased support of Android is no coincidence.

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