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I think I read somewhere that Umesh did quit, I guess a lot of progress rested on his shoulders...

Yeah, I agree. I think Comodo are and still will be living off of his work for a while.

I wish Comodo would add a third party engine tp their paid security suite. If they used either Avira's or Bitdefenders engine it would make their paid suite a lot more user friendly for average users whilst still having that rock solid sandbox.


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From Comodo Forum:
This is the latest info about CCAV, the 2.0 beta has never been officially available either on their website or on the forum.
You can access the link only if you are logged into the forum. This is the last reply:
I'm a bit confused now. What happens with CCAV 2.0.470195.867 beta Will v2 still be developed?

About CIS:
Melih has shifted his attention to Itarian after many years where he was more involved with the Comodo forums. He told us behind the scenes he still keeps a vigilant eye on the development of CIS
So, also CIS development is going on very very slowly.

Plus, they have redesigned their website to push their paid softwares and now it's very difficult to download the free version CIS becoming paid? - News / Announcements / Feedback - CIS


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We're still waiting on an official announcement from Comodo in regards to it staying free. There are still links to the free versions available (they're just increasingly hard to find). Also, free version and beta versions are still freely available on the Comodo forums.