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Hi ,

I always found Comodo's firewall little bit confusing to configure. Just wanted to know how can I set it up so that whenever a new program tries to connect to internet it will ask me whether to block the connection or allow the connection ?

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I think you're looking for this.
I'm sorry it's in Spanish but I'm Spanish


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I use training mode in both hips/ firewall, since after you have made sure pc is clean / every file you have on pc is trusted

You can set up training mode on hips/firewall to alert from new connections and run current lockdown as trusted

Unless you want to have every single connection of trusted applications to notify you, then youre enabling paranoid mode on hips

There is tons of configurations you can make with cf, best way is just go throught all settings enable/disable to see what they do
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Done that. But no Pop-Up showing Block/ Allow came so far.

Probably all your apps are already in "white/allowed" list so there is no need to see pop-up from that apps or maybe is something wrong with your other settings.

If you want you can delete all apps in firewall settings and then create a new one for every app (picture):


Post a picture of your firewall settings, please.