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Fel Grossi

Level 12
Malware Tester
Hi All,
We have released Comodo Internet Security v10.0.2.6420 hot-fix today.

Thank you for all the feedback in RC release.

It fixes following issues as mentioned here, which cropped up after last v6408 release.

- RDP issue
- Repeated request for crash report submission
- Diagnostic error due to check for non-critical TCP services unavailability

Online Setups:
Comodo Internet Security Premium
Size: 5.3M (5,500,784 bytes)
MD5: c871be8c743533093fc4819486ae1b2f
SHA1: 7377ee6e5bcfcf8a71b754333a5b0fab62034c4c

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.3M (5,500,784 bytes)
MD5: 2a2cc463a03efd593ed0da875227cee4
SHA1: a1166923063be56dfb22c918047d0050b137ccbe

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.3M (5,500,784 bytes)
MD5: 7401fe5f3784d35d7a9b651ed2fdfd9b
SHA1: 2454352afc78f593a1d21b0e916e12121385258a

Comodo Offline Installer
Comodo Internet Security Premium (Comodo Firewall and Comodo Antivirus Only)
Size: 67M (69,534,888 bytes)
MD5: 8df53e5e3831b51d12a63752867efea3
SHA1: 1c60231b6813574037729164c01e0ac7b0bfcc17

We have released these setups on Comodo website for new installations only. We will release updates to older version on Monday, 27th Nov, 2017.

In the mean time if you want to update to latest version, you can either add test server IP as shown in enclosed snap or you can have following entries in Windows hosts (c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) file and then run updater from main interface:
Any feedback is much appreciated.

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