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Dec 4, 2014
The beta version was just released.
Hey fellow cybersecurity enthusiasts,

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with all of you. The wait is finally over – Comodo Internet Security 2024 Beta is now available for testing!

As a beta tester for Comodo Internet Security 2024, you have the unique opportunity to get a sneak peek into the latest features, improvements, and enhancements before the official release. This is your chance to help shape the future of online security by providing valuable feedback that could make the product even better.

What’s New in Comodo Internet Security 2024

  1. Completely Revamped UI: Get ready to feast your eyes on the sleek, modern, and ultra-intuitive interface of Comodo Internet Security 2024. Navigating through its defenses has never been this fluid and user-friendly.
  2. Intel TDT Integration: Buckle up for next-level threat detection. Comodo has seamlessly integrated Intel Threat Detection Technology (TDT) into its arsenal, adding an extra layer of vigilance against the most sophisticated cyber threats.
  3. ByPassIO Support for Windows 11: Now, here’s the game-changer that deserves a spotlight of its own! Comodo Internet Security 2024 brings seamless support for Windows 11, powered by ByPassIO integration. The result? A significant performance boost that elevates your cybersecurity experience to new heights, all while embracing the latest OS innovations.
  4. Performance Enhancements and Bug Fixes: Comodo has been hard at work behind the scenes, addressing performance bottlenecks and squashing pesky bugs. Experience a smoother, faster, and more reliable defense system that’s finely tuned to tackle today’s digital challenges.

How Can You Be Part of the Action:
  1. Download and Install: Download the Comodo Internet Security 2024 Beta installer from here 11, and install it to your endpoint(s).
  2. Explore and Test: Once you’re in, dive into the revamped interface and explore the enhanced features. Push the software to its limits, test its responsiveness, and put the Intel TDT integration through its paces.
  3. Share Your Feedback: Your insights are invaluable. If you stumble upon any glitches, quirks, or have suggestions for improvements, don’t hesitate to voice them out on the designated beta testing feedback channels.
  4. Spread the Word: You’re part of an elite group experiencing the future of cybersecurity. Share your beta testing adventure with your tech-savvy friends, and let’s collectively shape the best version of Comodo Internet Security.
Beta testing is more than just testing software – it’s about actively participating in the evolution of a product that safeguards our digital lives. By taking part, you’re not only securing your own online world but also contributing to the greater online community’s safety.

Secure today, secure tomorrow.

Best Regards,
Comodo Team


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Apr 13, 2013
Except for a few things that I would like changed (noted on the Comodo Forum), for me the installation on Win11 22H2 (I did not install the on demand AV package, just the Firewall) went flawlessly and a post install (moderately intensive) malware test yielded no system changes.

Although I'm just a lonely girl living in a confusing universe, I felt that for an initial beta it exceeded expectations.


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Oct 16, 2022
Although I'm just a lonely girl living in a confusing universe, I felt that for an initial beta it exceeded expectations.
And is it as light as the previous version? Thanks! The gui looks clean ;)


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Oct 22, 2018
We need to keep it unbiased and real here. Just like every previous version it will take just a matter of days or weeks before the problems are exposed. Which is to be expected. It is a free product with development support at the discretion of the product owner. This is minimal and intermittent.

Avoiding bugs or other usability problems by not using the features of the product that expose those bugs or usability problems is not a solution. Unfotunately, even GUI bugs matter to users. In a lot of their uninformed minds if they see a GUI bug, then they ask themselves "What hidden bugs exist that compromise security?" It does not matter how many videos you create that show Comodo protecting a virtual machine. That seed of doubt is in their minds and it is not going to leave.

The criticisms of Comodo, while technically correct, disregard the fact that the product is an unpaid, free product. What is really weird is that people on forums like this just refuse to accept that the issues with Comodo are consistent with it being a free product. It is almost as if they want Comodo to pull it from the market unless it is willing to commit the expensive resources to make it a highly polished product. They want perfection without ever having to pay for it. They want Comodo to provide this stuff for free. This is where users are completely wrong.

The support of Comodo as protection is correct and justified. It does protect the system despite all of the flaws of the project and product. However, pesky uniformed or deliberately stubborn users just cannot get past those GUI, unfixed bugs and disappearing rules bugs.
Those people criticizing, by and large, don't like Comodo. Because they don't like Comodo nobody should like Comodo.
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ForgottenSeer 100397

I had an excellent experience with the Beta version! I installed CFW on my production system (Windows 11 22H2) with no issues. However, the program didn’t run automatically after installation, so I started it manually to change settings. It successfully completed the Rating Scan. KillSwitch couldn’t download the package. Diagnostics found errors but couldn’t fix them automatically. After restarting the system, there were no issues except for the aforementioned ones. I don’t like the new GUI, as it’s horrible. I’m currently using the Lycia Theme.


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Oct 22, 2018
Certainly some of that happens from particular parties. More curious are those who bemoan Comodo as buggy, infrequently updated while at the same time disregard that it is a free, unpaid product.

If they want refinement with regular bug fixes and updates, then why don't they donate to the Comodo project? Does Comodo owe anybody in userland a thing? I do not know of a single freeware that is not offered "as is" and is based upon the publisher's willingness to work on the product.

A better Comodo would require a whole lot of money. Obviously Comodo has only ever been willing to spend a limited amount, which makes sense, going back to the fact that it is a freeware.
Precisely. For the average user, one who just installs the firewall and perhaps makes a couple of adjustments, Comodo just works. I never experienced a bug in long years of use. I only use containment, with Cruelsister's settings for the past few years. Prior to discovering her, it was proactive setting, with HIPS off.

Install Comodo firewall, set it like CS recommends, and leave it alone. It works.

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