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When there was no containment, the default restriction level was Partial Limited. This level provided a good balance between security and usability, making it suitable for real-world scenarios. I am planning to ask @Shadowra to test it out.
I’m requesting @Shadowra to test Comodo with default restricted, Partially Limited. The setup doesn’t have containment. Comodo will only restrict unrecognized apps on the actual system. I’m also testing usability on my production system with the same setup, and it’s working great.
Make your video test requests!

I expect the scanners will detect leftover files during the test. Because the setup restricts (no containment) unrecognized app installations on the actual system. I want to evaluate the overall performance of the setup against modern malware. This includes any active malware, malware after a system reboot, and data encryption.

The setup could offer excellent protection and usability in real-world scenarios. Let’s see how it performs in the test. Depending on the outcome, I might test the "Limited" restriction level’s usability and request @Shadowra for a malware test.
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