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Mar 24, 2021

Andrew Cunningham, CEO of Data Central, an Australian managed service provider, spent 36 hours last week rebuilding systems after a catastrophic ransomware attack on an un-named customer.

The initial demand was for US$75,000 in bitcoin – the customer decided not to pay.

Andrew had been in discussions with the victim (who wishes to remain anonymous) for some time. The victim had been moving offices and decided to wait until the relocation was complete before updating security and backup infrastructure.

But a hacker breached their current security app (a household name product) and launched the ransomware attack on Monday night. By morning, all systems were infected. Backups were unrecoverable. All files were encrypted and could not be restored. All but two PC’s and servers were infected with ransomware.

from the CEO of Data Central:
“Fortunately, we had installed Comodo advanced endpoint protection (AEP) on two PCs as part of a trial and proof of concept for the customer – and the only two machines with zero infection were running Comodo,” said Andrew.
“That is the best endorsement for a security solution in a real world, side-side comparison against a live ransomware attack. If I hadn’t seen it, I would not have believed it”

Interesting reads of course.

also Melih is happy about it:
but how can you improve perfection?
Update or not, it just works and protects people!

We might do some facelift maybe?


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Oct 22, 2018
Which is why I always come back to Comodo. I've never messed with their antivirus due to its poor reputation. Maybe they've improved it enough that it's worth a look. Also, I know their endpoint has much more than what they offer we common folk, but the endpoint firewall and HIPS, etc seems to be almost the same.