Compare your PC performance score with MT members [New edition]


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May 14, 2019
Decided to throw my results here too. All stock speeds, RAM slightly even underclocked (but timings slightly tightened) since the damn things won't run 100% stable at their rated XMP settings...

CPU set at Intel stock spec setting instead of allowing motherboard manufacturer's auto overclock settings, just makes the fans ramp up too much and haven't bothered to play with vcore voltage settings too much yet... Quite frankly don't really care to overclock the CPU to gain 200-300MHz extra clockspeed in exchange for massive increase in heat output and power consumption.

Good ol' 1080 Ti still chugging along nicely as well. Don't play much newer games, and steadily playing less and less in general so haven't seen much reason to upgrade it so far.

Screenshot 2021-02-21 040810.png

Screenshot 2021-02-21 041843.png
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Apr 1, 2019
New score after processor swap:

Novabench 022321.pngPassmark 022321.png

Not sure what is up with the disk score being lower:unsure:. Maybe something was updating. I closed all extra background programs.

I'm guessing the read and write speeds are backwards on Novabench, or something weird is interfering. Maybe AV.
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