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Crowdstrike’s partnership with Dell is shaking up the cybersecurity landscape ahead of a planned IPO

I've been using unmanaged client CrowdStrike on two computers... and I really like it. It was rapidly becoming my favorite AV. My organizations internal testing indicated that Crowdstrike is very effective against certain type of malware.

It not quite as 'invisible' as Cylance, but there is more granularity and the protection spectrum is better. They (CS) seem to tweak their AI/ML algorithms more often than Cylance. That's debatable whether that is good or bad. But I think it's good.

But... I'm afraid it will all now come to an end. Once CrowdStrike gets big with its new Dell partnership, some of the advantages of using it will go away.

Too bad.


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People trust Dell or anything associated with Dell? Remember, Snowden extracted his information working for Dell at the time, which tells you the level of Dell's integration with the Military/Intel complex.

But this is the best;

" Dell told an irate customer on Monday that they “regret the inconvenience” caused by selling to the public for years a number of products that the intelligence community has been able to fully compromise in complete silence up until this week. "