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You can have only some countries for one year. check !

Google translation of offer :

Welcome to the CyberGhost 5, VPN, which makes privacy easy and accessible! Pleasantly us to offer you our FREE Special Edition package for 12 months. Unlimited traffic and bandwidth, access to servers in Germany, USA, Switzerland, and other countries are just a few of the excellent features of this subscription. All you need to do to get the activation key that leave us your e-mail address and we will help you protect your personal information, hide your IP and surf the net without restrictions. No complicated steps, no personal data required, no headaches. Quickly and easily. Just like CyberGhost 5.
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Important: Keys can only be activated for November 30, 2014.
You can download only one key per user. Please respect this, so that more people could use this.
You can not activate the key if you already have an active subscription, or if you used the promotional key in the previous year.
Important: Please note that we only accept valid email addresses.

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CyberGhost 5 VPN Special Edition 1 year free

CyberGhost has partnered up with to offer a one year free CyberGhost 5 Special Edition for you, which allows you to surf the Internet freely and anonymously, without bandwidth or traffic restrictions and you have access to servers from US, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

How it works - Details (everyone clearly understand) :

1.Download CyberGhost sotware from this page:
2.Go to promo page:
and enter your e-mail address.
3.You will receive your activation code by e-mail.
4.Next follow the link from the email you get and you will have your 1 year free key for CyberGhost 5 Special Edition.
(You may need to disable your adblocker on the site to see the key)
Remember…check your spam, the email may send to this place after you sent the requests.
5.In the software, click "Enter Activation Code".
(Alternatively, open the CyberGhost VPN Account Management,click on the link "Create a New Account" and enter the activation code under "My subscriptions")

Now 7780 keys left !

How to use the key:

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Thanks for the information!

Has anyone of you guys used CyberGhost VPN and compared it to Steganos Online Shield? What's your observations?


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I have used both and still use both
Steganos Online Shield is cheaper to buy than CyberGhost
but I find CyberGhost to be faster Steganos they both do a good job ,
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