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CM Security is often in the first position of the mobile antivirus test according to AV-Test but honestly I do not know the reason of this result...or better I know it, but this is not the topic to talk about that.
However, I recommend to uninstall CM and use a single AV: Kaspersky in your case.

About Clean Master:

I guess it's also happened to you to see a message like “your device is infected” or “you have been infected with (3) virus” while you browse the web with your phone. These are misleading advertising, bad marketing: if you press OK you will be redirected to the link of the CM Security or Clean Master (in this case) from Play Store, as a solution to the dummy problem. Now try to look up the definition of “scareware,” on Wikipedia, maybe we could add that in the description on the Play Store, instead of “Phone Boost”... It would be more sincere!


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Mar 15, 2011
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Well nothing wrong on using CM Security however the pop-ups tends to be aggressive and can give you mislead description. *

* My experience based on the behavior of the product, widely known to advertise from pop-up sites.

An alternative cleaning tool can be CCleaner.