Which one do you recommend and why?

  • Deep Freeze

  • Time Freeze

  • Shadow Defender

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Shadow Defender is one of the very few security related softs worth its price: $35 Lifetime license.

In terms of ease-of-use, features, compatibility, etc - it is one of the best paid softs.

That being said, if you don't have the financial means, then you can check out Horizon DataSys Reboot Restore Rx - it is similar, but different - and it is freeware.

There is also HDS Rollback Rx Home - freeware too.

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depend what you want to do.

Testing softs/malwares: Shadow Defender is better than Time Freeze
Locking the computer: Deepfreeze was made for it , mostly used by schools or internet cafe to avoid users installing crap.


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If you're talking Deep Freeze Standard, why not use Reboot Restore Rx? It's the same functions and service, but it's free.

If you're talking Deep Freeze Enterprise, you could try Drive Vaccine. More of a beefed up program, but it's less expensive than Deep Freeze.

I'd avoid Time Freeze and Shadow Defender. The few times I tried them, the support was next to non-existent. Which isn't important to some people, but if your program goes belly up I expect you to respond quickly. I had an issue with Shadow Defender and their support took a week to get back to me. By that time I already uninstalled.

For the library I work at, we use Drive Vaccine. Cost is pretty good, management console and automatic updates (for Win and apps) is nice, and the support is pretty good too.


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So you are saying any program in Program files will be able to update and keep updates? On there site they mention only antivirus and windows updates.
If it has a .exe extension it can be updated. Not sure about other extensions (I've never had to try nor ask) but I have around 7 programs that Drive Vaccine updates along with Windows for me over the weekend. It makes my life easier.


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I like, and use, Shadow Defender.:rolleyes::D
Time Freeze was a very nice (& free) alternative which granted peace of mind, and sounder sleep,:cool: during XP's twilight months and in those times which followed shortly after the O.S. was no longer supported.:oops: These are two I am familiar with, and recommend whole heartedly!!:):)
As I've paused and read @Huracan's comment, I'll add that you cannot go wrong from among any of the choices you've listed, as well as others that were presented.

In addition,o_O the suggestion of hjlbx's, seconded by JHolms for Reboot Restore Rx, is definitely an option I am open to taking for a test ride myself!;)

The bottom line: Try some or all of them, in order to make an informed decision you'll ultimately be happiest living with. Then, post your impressions, either here or on your configuration; and I've a feeling you'll find far more agreement in the conversations than discord.:rolleyes:

Good luck with your choices, and happy hunting @xCharbz!:D
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None of the above.

What if there is no best, what will you do?

The term "best" is over-used, why do you want the best software?
Never thought of that. I don't know i feel that most people always seek for the best product. It's like when you're choosing a graphics card for your PC you want the best one with the better reviews. Humans naturally listen to the majority. People should have their own opinions and not follow others opinions. It's sort of like having two people in a group that have to answer a question the person that attracts the most attention will end up attracting the majority of people even if the answer is wrong. Hope this sentence made sense.


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For rollback capabilities both are indeed good just choose one.

But who is the winner? it is all about the flexibility of the program.

Toolwiz Time Freeze is already eliminated so the game goes between Shadow Defender and Deep Freeze.


Shadow Defender by nature are more flexible compare to Deep Freeze since the environment nature of virtualization both implemented in different manner.