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Hi I have tried everythin with this I am trying to install another os on my laptop which has both uefi and legacy.I get the error cannot install because of gpt.
I go into bios turn off secure boot, keep uefi , and try to add option for dvd drive because no option is there for it since I am using a dvd. No matter what, no dvd option is made or comes up.
Should I just convert the whole disk to mbr? Will i lose anything?
Is there a fix for the dvd bootup problem? Thks


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Is it an internal or external DVD?
There is no way to convert GPT to MBR without losing the data but un can image the disk and restore files from it later.


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Are you going to install in uefi or in legacy?
If the disk is gpt (uefi)
I can not install legacy
To install legacy you should clean the disk with
The diskpart command (search in google)
or vice versa


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There's no need to convert the whole structure to mbr only to be able to access boot entry from a DVD. Did you try making ISO from DVD and then burn that ISO to USB using Rufus?
Note : converting from MBR to GPT and GPT to MBR shouldn't lead to data loss if done properly.


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I did not burn iso to usb because there is no boot for usb in bios either ,I was using uefi.Where to go from here ..Thks