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I would like to start using a desktop client to manage all my email services.
I would like to know if a desktop client is safer than a webmail client (in particular in case of email or infected files included in the mail) and which email client software is the best for security and features(Outlook 2016, Thunderbird, Windows 10 Mail or something else ...).

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Desktop client is generally less secure than webmail for a variety of reasons.. For one, there are extra hops on the risky internet client based email has to take. Your client itself, unless it's TheBAT! isn't encrypting anything including at-rest. Many exploits and malware is specifically engineered to exploit desktop clients. Etc. Also we now know email in transit security is largely broken right now.

Email security has just been completely broken

Best Option: if you get a lot of people you talk to using the same webmail service it provides even more protection since the email never leaves the hosting company. For example Protonmail to Protonmail or Tutanota to Tutanota is very secure, traversal is stopped from exiting the server.

This is similar to an old intelligence trick where one shares an email account password, then create 'Drafts' but never send them. Person 1 logs in, creates a draft but never sends it. Person 2 logs in, reads the drafts and deletes them, then creates drafts in reply but never sends them.

If I was going to use a desktop client I would use The Bat! and none other. But I would also be aware that email security is largely broken.

The Bat! - Secure Desktop Email Client for Windows 10


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I use mailbird for my email communications, however they are mostly to receive newsletters from sites I follow or announcements from school or my work emails. Anything important or confidential should be moved to apps like telegram, whatsapp or signal ASAP.


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Webmail is normally more secure. That way, you're not downloading attachments to your computer, but rather viewing them online (if you receive attachments for work reasons, etc. that you need to open). Gmail is one of the most secure email clients, but, for the most part, desktop email is not too bad. I use Gmail for most of my email, but I do use Windows 10 Mail so all my email is in one place. I haven't had any issues. Unless I know exactly where it's coming from, I don't open attachments either, though.
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It is actually a browser vs a desktop client. Browsers are more exploitable, an email client will simply download the email and that is it. Just make sure, that you will be downloading emails via encrypted ports: 465, 993, 995. Non encrypted: 25, 110, 143. Most clients use OpenSSL.

You can not get infected via emails, if you open emails in txt by default and if you do not open attachments blindly.
I use POP Peeper Free. It might not look as much, but it works great, it is highly customizable, light and secure.