Q&A Disk Cleaners - Which one would you use?

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Dec 4, 2014
Wise Disk Cleaner. It finds a lot of junk to clean, is to safe to you and you can schedule it to do automatic cleans. Another plus, is that it includes no registry cleaner.

You usually never need to clean the registry and the registry cleaners in CCleaner and Wise Care 360 will sometimes delete needed registry keys.


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Aug 16, 2019
Cleaning the registry does not improve your device's performance..on the other hand you may bork the system!

G'day @BadToad ,

All I can suggest is use your inbuilt system tools for cleaning the majority of the time.

Further, I want to reinforce @venustus comments quoted above. Repeat, repeat....... If you don't know what you're doing with the registry, request assistance. You don't need a “bricked” system.

There are many pieces of useful information supplied by all members who have responded. We all need to understand that there's no “magic bullet” as such.

Programs such as TFC were great prior to Windows 10. I have run TFC on Windows 10 machines with mixed results. Should be okay for Windows 7-8(?)

Always make a full disc image or, system image + backup, prior to using such tools. *Note that backup may not be capable of copying all files. My preference is a restore point + full disc image. Don't forget to create a Windows Repair Disc too!

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May 13, 2017
If you're not in desperate need of disk space I really see no reason to bother with cleaners.
It is about a computer maintenance. Many issues in Windows are caused by corrupted files and Windows fixes include cleaning caches and such.

You can clean teeth daily or your can wait till they go bad and then visit a dentist, but it will never be the same afterwards. Ever since I started to clean regularly, I have not seen BSOD, crashing explorer or other common issues. I did not start using cleaners because I was bored, they helped. Not to mention, that malware tends to run from Temp/internet cache folders after restart, so turning off of a computer with CCleaner might help.

Cleaning the registry does not improve your device's performance..on the other hand you may bork the system!
I have seen several cases, where it helped, an old entry prevented a software from installing or caused it crashing, also some serious driver issues. Windows 10 update once failed, because of an empty registry entry, MS released an update, which cleaned registry to fix it.

But many registry cleaners reviews are done by people, who have not even seen them. They just say, what they have heard. It is true, that in the past, there were bad/fake ones, but these days, they create backups/system restore points, but the stigma still stays, just like with Internet Explorer.
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