As far as I know, java runtime environment(JRE) is only used when a webpage needs java.
But, I think most of webpages do not use JRE nowadays.
Stand-alone-software such as SPSS, SAS, and Matlab use java, but SPSS, SAS, and Matlab installers have their own java packages that are different from JRE.

So, I don't think JRE needs to be installed (e.g., )
Am I correct ?


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I don't use it. The only somewhat useful website which used Java was a Youtube video grabber. It is a security risk and a pain in the ass in updating anyway.


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You will use this for certain reasons like Libre Office or Open Office on some features.

If you want to make a program in Android then likely need to this application.

Or the video software called Screen O Matic needs Java to work.

But if none of the above mentioned to use Java then better not to install besides of vulnerabilities.