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Do I need Privacy Badger along with Ublock Origin in advanced mode? Are these two going to conflict each other?


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Privacy Badger impact will be virtually non-existent with uBO medium mode . It will show a lot of identified trackers (counter in icon) but will not really do much because it uses an algorithm to block trackers after it identifies a tracking pattern. See here: cowlicks/privacypossum, particularly this:

"Browser Fingerprinting
Sites can inspect aspects of your browser itself to determine its uniqueness, and therefore track you. This tracking technique is widely used.

Privacy Badger's fingerprinting blocking has a large deficiency, when fingerprinting is detected, the origin is marked as tracking (not the URL). So everything from that origin is blocked in a 3rd party context. This is a problem because it can lead you to block everything from a cdn. To get around this, Privacy Badger adds CDN's to the "cookieblock list". This prevents cookies from being sent to origin's on the list. However, it then prevents fingerprinting scripts from being blocked, thus allowing fingerprinting.

For example many sites load fingerprintjs2 from the jsdelivr CDN, but this is on Privacy Badger's cookie block list. So Privacy Badger will allow sites to load this script fingerprint you.

Fingerprinting usually aggregates information across many esoteric browser API's, so we watch for this behavior. When we detect it, we block it.

However many sites load first party fingerprinting code alongside other necessary code, like on, so we can't simply block the script, or it will break the page. Instead when we see first party fingerprinting, we inject random data to spoil the fingerprint. Visit to see this. "get your fingerprint" multiple times, and see it change each time."
Privacy Badger also has the cute icon!

Privacy Possum will add some benefit, more than PB, but it handles trackers differently - by obfuscating data in headers, etc. rather than blocking. You will get more benefit from it if and when you fall back to Easy mode while browsing. I'd day it's a toss-up in Medium mode - uBO alone or uBO + Privacy Possum.
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