Question Do you enable Kaspersky Security Network (KSN) on your Kaspersky security product?

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Apr 28, 2015


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Aug 17, 2014
Spyware. I disable.
Seriously, your data and personal files are monitored by Kaspersky's other protection modules anyway, so in general any user have to trust them otherwise makes no sense to use Kaspersky or even any other AV.
To be on topic: Kaspersky System Watcher does work together in some way with KSN like for comparing hash of files or after suspicious activity and detection of unknown malware.
In short: KSN should be enabled to increase protection. I have it always enabled on my 2nd laptop with installed Kaspersky Free (AV).

ForgottenSeer 93475

Of course, for me it is as important as the firewall and system monitor, and it integrates with all Kaspersky modules to provide ideal protection. Also, modern versions rely on it primarily when scanning files manually, and this is what I saw when scanning. a file in offline mode and discovering it when connected to the Internet.

The associated reputation of the application is a comprehensive security analysis that distinguishes Kaspersky from all other protection programs, This analysis lets you know whether programs and tools that do not belong to large companies and are unknown or do not carry a digital signature pose a risk in use or are as reliable as other programs, something that other protection programs do not allow

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