Q&A Do you have the COVID-19 Contact Tracing App for your country installed?

Do you have the COVID-19 Contact Tracing App for your country installed on your phone?

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Apr 24, 2016
No, I didn't download it because of privacy and false positives fears:
After the app became available to download on Monday, the AP issued a warning saying that the app still insufficiently guaranteed users' privacy, according to the broadcaster. No agreements had been made with Apple and Google about the use of their Bluetooth technology, on which the app works. There is no law to properly regulate the use of the app, to make sure that people are not forced to use the app, for example. And the government hasn't shown that the servers the app use are in order and secure, the AP said.


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Sep 23, 2019
Not currently available for me. In the US, each state is supposed to come up with their own app (which I find to be a dumb decision if this was to be effective at all; there are no restrictions for travel in between states) and in my state they have not made one available. I wouldn't mind installing the app. For context, I'm someone who uses Google's Location History feature and actively manages/edits history information to keep it accurate.


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Jan 8, 2011
Nope. No way! I'm tracked enough already.
Is there actual proof that your countries' app is tracking citizens? More than standard CCTV, and Google Location History?

As far as I know, the app only works if Bluetooth is turned on, and Random IDs are reset every 14 days.

I have the England NHS Track & Trace on my iPhone - I'm not overly confident as to the companies involved especially Google but I'm at risk so ...
Your app would use Apple's implementation, not Google's. It has nothing to do with Google.


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Mar 29, 2018
Is there actual proof that your countries' app is tracking citizens?
No, I haven't even bothered to check out the app. I'm still tracked too much already, like everyone.

More important though, is that the sad state of tracing in the U.S. and the resistance of so many wackos who won't bother to wear a mask, make tracing a laughing matter. It's simply not possible. As I've said before, this country is like what we social scientists used to call a 3rd World country. I call it a 4th world country - one with great wealth, power and potential. And one with crumbling infrastructure, education system, a fragmented and woefully inadequate healthcare system, severe economic inequality, etc.

So tracing app? What's the point?:LOL:
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