Do you recommend Baidu ?

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I'd like to try Baidu Antivirus, is it good or bad antivirus ?


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No I don't recommend it because it is always best to stick the the well established basic AV's.
(Avast, Avira, MSE, Panda Cloud, AVG, etc.)

I also don't recommend Qihoo 360, I simply don't trust Chinese-based AV's because of many of their previous actions.
The AV market in China is at war with each other (Baidu, Qihoo, Rising) all have been involved in some really bad dirty activity.

Just Google and will find out more why you should not trust Chinese AV's.

Enjoy!! :D


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I have had only Good Luck using 360 Antivirus products. They have caught a lot of nasty things. If your talking about spying then I am not concerned as I have nothing of any importance on my home computer so, if they are spying on me they are wasting their time IMO. If I had a Business computer then I would use Norton.