Do you recommend Norton ?

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Yes, and no. Last time I used Norton, the detection was very good and it did protect me from threats, however it wasn't very responsive (the UI) when completing tasks and normal use when browsing the available features. Since the 2010 version, now the 2015 version looks very impressive and promising. I suggest you give it a try and rate it on the following factors:

- Protection (how well does it perform on your custom tests with malware packs?)
- Malware cleaning (how well does it clean and remove malware, and how fast?)
- Speed and reliability (does it stop responding or is it nice and active? How fast is it at detecting known signatures and working with the heurstics?)
- User Interface (how nice is the UI, how easy is it to use?)
- RAM and CPU usage (how light is it and how much resources does it use?)

If you would like, when I have time I can install Norton 2015 on a VM and test it with various malware packs (new ones).

Thanks! :)


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If you have internet access most of the time then yes it is a very good product.
But if you travel, or you are not connected to the internet often then stay away ....
The new version is making most of the job on the cloud, so the protection will drop drastically if you are not connected.
I have tried the Norton Antivirus and indeed it was extremely light (even the system start up), but it was very expensive so i moved on to another vendor


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I ran the Norton Beta for a while and quite liked it so gave the NIS 2014 a 30 day trial. Yes it was light and seemed to perform well so I clicked the "Buy" option, was given 1 year for €9.99 which of course I couldn't refuse, and it added the remainder of the 30 day trial on - not expensive at all. :)


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Norton is an excellent product for me also, i always like it since 2 years; a good balance between protection, usuability and performances; Sonar is strong, firewall is good and easy to use, settings are rich and simple in same time (and help documents are good), never had any false positive with norton and i always felt it quite light on my system:)
When I had my Windows 7 laptop it came with Norton installed. I never had any problems with it. Fact is I don't recall any false positives with it or slow downs for that matter. I liked the GUI too :D