Windows 10 Feedback Hub app

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  • Installed and used on an Insider Preview build

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  • Not installed, but use other websites to send feedback (ie. Insider Forums)

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  • Not installed or removed by third-party app

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By default, it comes with Windows 10. The Feedback Hub opens when you use Send Feedback from specific Apps from the Microsoft Store.

Do you use it to send to make app suggestions or problems?


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It may be better to skip the Feedback app.

Even though customers have been complaining increasingly often of Microsoft's delay in reading and addressing their reports, the platform's use for spamming and as a political forum with no intervention from Redmond's employees comes to show that the Feedback Hub either lacks the appropriate moderation tools or really suffers from a lack of attention from Microsoft.

To make matters worse, the "Report Abuse" button that can be used to report such posts is automatically disabled for five minutes after reporting three such posts as users who have tried reporting these spam posts found.
Source: Windows 10's Feedback Hub: A forum for political trolls, spammers


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It's seemingly useless as far as I'm concerned. (n) It's at times a popularity contest--who gets noticed by Microsoft, whoo hoo.

In December 2019, I submitted a post to the FH regarding the now-infamous disk-defrag bug--specifically, watching it "defrag" my nvm-e (complete with passes and %consolididated) during System Maintenance. I even uploaded a screenshot. I was running Insider Build 19041.1.

No reply, no acknowledgement. I felt like I had to blow the dust off of my post when I accessed it again 6 months later. Probably they thought it wasn't legit. Now, it's a known and commonplace concern, people asking whether this is wearing out their hardware, etc. Even more ridiculous, the bug was fixed in a later Insider Build but never transitioned to 2004.

Why Microsoft hasn't done anything with this is a genuine mystery. 😶


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I used it to report issues with Windows updates and incompatibility bugs with third party software. You may feel that you raised your feedback and improve the OS.