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Yes. I use System Restore points mostly every day, and have a backup image of my disk in case of needed. To avoid mounting my image every time, i set up restore points. And just in case, i also have a second partition with my personal data.


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I use macruim reflect here. created a bootable usb stick and currently have two full images on it. so far it has worked great for me.
usb stick is a 3.0 ultra. and so restoring the entire image takes about half hour. most of the time in run in shadow mode with shadow defender. and as cruel sister pointed out in a post after I mentioned I used it. she was surprised to see after running a mbr killing ransomeware, after reboot all was back to normal.

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Windows 10 64 Pro
Currently using AX64 V2 (System Partition i.e C protected only).
Data on D partition & backed up manually on external HDD with FreeFileSync.
I keep system restore, defrag & fast startup disabled.
I dont use 3rd party cleaning & defrag software.


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System restore with my backup program (Aomei). So far system restore (images) never failed me.
System restore (images) is the best option if you want to restore from system images. It never failed me. Haven't had the chance to test Aomei out but i believe it won't fail me either.


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I use Synctoy to sync my files to external hard disk daily. I have Aomei one key (free) creates partition , installed . Had desktop & laptop fail to boot in past, Aomei f11 key restored whole pc - progs , files , settings very quickly - brilliant . Take regular Macrium images in case of HD failure . Dont bother with system restore as some failures in past.
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