I have read this post and I want to know 2 things :
- Do yandex services (Not the browser) respect privacy ? (in eula or others....)
- How is Yandex browser and do they respect privacy too ?
I want to know because I don't want to use another "google".
Bye !


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Yandex respects privacy the same way Facebook respects privacy (attention, I am referring to its privacy policy so remember that), or just like any other service that respects privacy.

Granted you do not trust services that sell data, the privacy concerns are actually minimal, unless you are truly skeptical.

People blindly trust WOT but then most forget thats a community based opinion service.

People go on and on about privacy but then forget Facebook exists.

People go on and on about Google and its privacy but still use it.

Unless you mess up somehow, I highly doubt that Yandex will ignore your privacy.


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Does the browser still don't show the url when hover with the mouse pointer over a link?

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