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Sorry, not sure why but I have not been getting email updates from this thread even though I think I'm subscribed :S

It would be good if there is an option to enable/disable autoupdate plus with an option to notify about updates. There are many users who do/like performing manual updates.

And it would be good if one thread is followed as it would be easy & comfortable than following 2 threads.
Added in latest beta (140728.1)

Feature request:

Please make categorized downloading as default, instead of downloading to one main folder. It's hard especially for newbies to manually categorize downloads by filtering extensions. To make DN more user friendly, provide this feature out of the box.

I'll give you the rules and the default categories
Compressed: zip rar r0* r1* arj gz sit sitx sea ace bz2 7z
Documents: doc pdf ppt pps
Programs: exe msi
Music: mp3 wav wma mpa ram ra aac aif m4a
Videos: avi mpg mpe mpeg mkv asf wmv mov qt rm mp4 flv m4v webm ogv ogg

Or this Wikipedia page could be helpful
Good idea! I'll see what I can do

Even after updating to v18, cant still download Youtube videos. I think we need to implement a better technique to download videos, something similar to that of EagleGet (as it supports all websites and even when changes are implemented in Youtube).
I'll send you a PM, I think this might be something specific to your setup.


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Please keep a tab to show the running downloads, so it'd easier to make out which downloads are running at the same time, instead of having to scroll up and down through the list.


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Mike, when you're creating a changelog please write points in the order of importance for Enhancements section. It'll be easy to keep track..

New major feature > New options > Translations