Download Windows 10 May Update [Version 2004] ISO


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Mar 28, 2019
Now, this is just an IDEA. This may not sit well with some but after big updates, I have Full telemetry enabled. Over the course of two days or so, things have begun to move more smoothly and quickly. Browsers open almost instantly; initially, they did not. I think in some scenarios it's beneficial to have the Full option enabled temporarily. I see the results, they're tangible on here.

I mean, one can always move back to Basic or whack it altogether at a later time.

Yeah, yeah "telemetry" boo hiss OK OK. NEXT.
Any error is sent to Microsoft automatically.

Windows has cache too.


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Jul 21, 2017
ISO File Size? Any errors,bugs?

ISO downloaded via MCT (win 10 home, english, x64), 3.86GB


bugs? FOR SURE. Will fresh install once the June updates are released... :p :p :p

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Jan 20, 2020
If anyone wants to know about a bug, here's one: I got the Windows 10 2004 update via Windows Update. My Windows GUI is English US but remaining all things are (supposed to be) English UK. This includes "Apps & Websites", "Regional Format", "Keyboard" among others.

Bam, install Windows 10 2004 - and everything is English US now. My apps have gone haywire due to the sudden language change. I will probably have to do a reset/reinstall to fix this. Dang it, MS?

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