Update Dr.Web products for UNIX updated to version 11.0.3

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    Russian anti-virus company Doctor Web has released Dr.Web Anti-virus 11.0.3 for Unix Mail Servers and has updated Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux, Dr.Web for Unix Server and Dr.Web Anti-virus for Internet gateways Unix to version 11.0.3. The update delivers new features.

    Dr.Web for Unix Mail Servers:

    • A brand-new architecture— now, instead of integrating with mail servers, the product interacts with them using standard mail server services (Milter, Spamd, Rspamd);
    • The product can now be transparently integrated with communication channels that use the standard protocols SMTP, POP3 and IMAP (this mode is only available under GNU/Linux);
    • Unwanted incoming email content is now stored in a separate password-protected archive instead of the quarantine;
    • A native control web interface has replaced Webmin;
    • OpenLDAP and Active Directory service information can now be used in mail filtering rules;
    • Product status statistics and important event notifications (e.g., regarding blocked emails) can now be sent over SNMP;
    • The Clamd module can now be used to scan messages on mail servers that do not use Milter/Spamd/Rspamd;
    • Sender/recipient address validation over DNSxL.
    Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux:

    • Email received via IMAP(S)/POP3(S) is now scanned.
    • Email received via SMjTP(S) is now scanned.
    Dr.Web for Unix Servers:

    • Supports Samba 4.6.
    Dr.Web for Internet gateways Unix:

    • If a query is blocked, the icapd module will now indicate its source.
    • A file containing a list of sites can now be specified for the blacklist and whitelist.
    To update Dr.Web for Unix installed from the repository, use your package manager. If you installed Dr.Web using a universal package, download the updated distribution and reinstall the application.

    Users of Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux must use the updated distribution to install the program.
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