Question Dr. Web Security Space - is it good choice of AV in 2020?


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Jul 27, 2015
Dr.Web, is for many that regular watch and overview VT ( virus total ) a product that catch a huge amount of samples early. The signatures is one of it's strengths, but also one of it's weakness because if it don't have other powerful and capable enough modules/features, it's a higher risk of bypass and infection. It's web protection ( phishing sites ) has previous been reported as something that needs improvement.

I checked in the Hub for any statistic reports on Dr.Web, but couldn't find any. The latest test I found is from 2017 that was pretty positive, but was also set to " Paranoid Mode ".
It does exist a few Youtube tests, but those are a bit old by now. Here's one from 24th of May this year ( 2020 ) :



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Nov 28, 2019
It is an excellent antivirus..It has not played well the marketing game hence is kind of behind on the books..Its technology is amazing...Better than Kaspersky ones but lacks in size but still it is pretty impressive!
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Feb 8, 2016
No, it's not worth it to spend money on a mediocre antivirus.
It often happens that malware is not recognized by signatures and the PC is infected because it has almost no behavioural protection.

Between ESET and F-Secure
I would tell you to choose F-Secure first and then ESET.

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