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Easy Context Menu adds dozens of commands to Windows Explorer’s context menu
Applications that you install on your Windows PC may add context menu items of their own to Windows Explorer.
The menu can get quite complex because of this, and when you check the menu of a PC that has been up for a year or more, you usually find lots of additional entries there.

Sometimes, you may want to add entries of your own to the menu to optimize your workflow, or add commands to it that you use often.

A fairly simply example is the "open command prompt here" item, which opens Windows' Command Line and sets the selected folder to the folder that is displayed there.

Easy Context Menu Review

Easy Context Menu is a free portable program for the Windows operating system that provides you with options to add custom commands to the Windows Explorer context menu.

When you first start the program you see the list of available commands and the context menus they are associated with. As you may know, the context menu changes depending on the type of item you display it on. A right-click on a file displays a different menu than a right-click on a folder for example.

You can enable or disable items with a click on the item's checkbox in the program interface.

Note: The changes do not become available immediately. You need to click on the apply button instead before that happens.

As far as options go, there are a couple of interesting ones which I'd like to mention briefly to give you a better understanding of what the program has to offer:

  • Block or Enable in Windows Firewall - Right-click any file to allow or block it in Windows Firewall.
  • Fix Print Spooler - To repair print spooler related ises.
  • Take Ownership - to take ownership of a file or folder.
  • System Tools - Direct links to popular Windows programs and features such as Device Manager, MSConfig, Programs and Features, Registry Editor, Network Connections or Services.
As far as customizations are concerned, there are two that make a huge difference. The first enables you to select the location of the selected context menu item in the context menu. You can have it displayed at the top, in the middle, or at the bottom of it.

What may be even more interesting is the Shift-Click option. If enabled, it will only display the selected items when you hold down the Shift-key before you right-click. This can be very useful to reduce the number of items displayed by the context menu at the same time.

The third customization option allows you to hide or display icons for the selected entries in Windows Explorer. Icons are enabled by default for all items.

To make those modifications, right-click the selected item and select the appropriate option in the Easy Context Menu interface.

Multiple items can be selected at once to add them all in a single operation to the context menu.

The program comes with its own restore feature that you can use to remove all changes that you have made to Windows Explorer again.

I'd recommend you create a System Restore point before you make any modifications though, just to be on the safe side of things.



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Laughing..... Petrovic waited over 5 years for you to read and comment on his review.

Better late than never... :)
Now that you mention it, I have no idea how I found this thread lol. I thought it was a new thread when I posted. Maybe I found it in the list of related threads below another thread? I actually like this application but only for a handfull of them. Copy to... and Move to... are always great, but I like:

-Open with Notepad
-Various System tools from the Desktop right click (Device Mgr., God mode, Control Panel, Progs and Features, MSConfig,Regedit)
-Add to Firewall from .exe
-Computer->Tools->Delete Temporary Files
-Folder-Change icon
-Folder-Copy list of folder contents


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Maybe I will add shutdown commands for this laptop? I think I will try them...

OK, it's official. For the laptop the shutdown commands from Desktop right click->Turn Off Options->[Choose one] works for me on this laptop. Super quick shutdowns ha ha...:geek:


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“Excavation” is also meaningful.:) If the posted information is mineral, MT is a resource-rich mine.

I used this software because there was a useless item in the context menu. Compared to similar software, this is much easier.
Your imagery is the truth. I use their Defender Control to disable/enable Windows Defender easily. (y)